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    We Love What We Do

    Pioneering Dairy For You & The Planet

    Pride of Cows brand believes in and works on Single Origin because we produce the finest milk used to create the products sourced from one farm, one breed of cows.

    India–a land of abundance. Abounding in love and care. Where we welcome guests and make them feel home. Our cows at our Single Origin Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farms are more than guests that make themselves at home. They are our family.

    Our family was created a decade back with the foresight of our visionary founder - Mr. Devendra Shah. In 2011 an alarming FSSAI study revealed 70% of Indians consumed adulterated milk (detergents and other harmful particles). Milk produced and delivered via middlemen changed hands multiple times, allowing bacteria to develop until they reached your home.

    To set an example that India can make a mark on the global dairy map, Pride of Cows pioneered a movement–of Single Origin, fresh and pure Pride of Cows milk, supremely tasty, rich and creamy, low-bacterial count, and highly nutritious milk right to your doorstep, all while being untouched by the human hand.

    We Love What We Do

    We kick-started this with a sole criterion - to create an environment of continuous, enriching product delivery to our consumers with our international dairy practices and outstanding cow care.

    And to continue this, we brought world-class dairy technology from Germany and France.

    To create a harmonious, comfortable home for our cows, pamper them with global dairy practices and leave no stone unturned to deliver superior, highly nutritious dairy products right to your doorstep.

    As a brand supported by our exclusive subscription-based consumers, Pride of Cows believes in sustainable practices that are ingrained in our process.

    Recycling for water use, investing in the largest biogas digester, and employing organic fertilisers all contribute to better environmental practises.



    We Are The Initiators Of Better Health

    Better for You

    Innovations For A Better Life

    Consistently providing wholesome & nutritious premium milk for our consumers systematically supported by progressive and modern dairy practices, in cow care, rich fodder, energy-efficient equipment, and highly skilled farm personnel.

    See What's In Your Milk

    Single Origin milk brings you freshness, purity, taste and aroma with all nutritional values.

    Trusted For A Decade

    Our way of delivering Single Origin milk serves people looking for pure milk that adds value to their lives.

    Better For Cows

    Enhance & Protect Cow Health

    As a pioneer in cow care standards our exceptional farm experts cater to cow fodder, health & hygiene, nutrition, vaccines, ventilation, and housing needs.

    Advanced Dairy Technology

    Automated technology handles milking, feeding, breeding, and processing so staff can prioritize cow health, healthy feed, and hygiene on the farm.

    Quality That Does Not Drop

    Our talented farm experts and nutritionists ensure superior cow care and continuous quality checks on our state-of-the-art dairy technology.

    Farm Full Of Pampered Cows

    learn about our farm & process
    Our Partners

    Our Logistic Team

    Swift deliveries ensure hassle-free farm-fresh goodness at your doorstep.

    Our Caretakers

    Skilled professionals ensure every drop of milk is from contented, healthy cows.

    Our Customer Service

    Impeccable service, ensuring your satisfaction with every sip of our milk.

    Our Veterinary Doctors

    Expert care ensures that only the healthiest cows contribute to your nourishment.

    Our Extended Family - Delivery Boys

    Our dedicated team ensures your daily dose of nutrition arrives promptly.

    Our Expert  Farm Team

    Cultivating premium quality milk with passion and dedication, nurturing your health.



    Our Philosophy

    Hygienic, antibiotic-free milk products

    Innovative global dairy technology

    • Feedback-driven improvements
    • Value, uplift, and conserve the environment


    Our Culture

    Balanced culture, refreshing Single Origin milk

    We cultivate a balanced culture, embracing diversity and collaboration, while our refreshing single-origin milk stands as a testament to our commitment to purity and quality.

    Skilled backend, people-oriented harmony

    Our skilled backend is the foundation of our success, built on a people-oriented harmony that fuels our innovation and growth.

    Celebrating wins & refined process

    At our core, we're dedicated to celebrating wins while continuously refining our processes, creating a cycle of achievement and improvement that propels us forward.

    Inclusivity and Diversity

    We thrive on the strength of our inclusive and diverse community, fostering innovation and understanding across all walks of life.

    Prompt service, superior care

    Our dedication to prompt service is matched only by our unwavering commitment to superior care, ensuring a seamless and satisfying experience for all.

    Udderly Caring, Amoozingly Delicious.

    Know Us


    Ms. Akshali Shah

    Meet Akshali Shah: The Creative Genius Behind Single-Origin Pride of Cows Milk

    In the world of dairy, where quality and authenticity are paramount, Akshali Shah stands as a beacon of innovation and purity. As the driving force behind Pride of Cows' single-origin milk, her journey is one marked by passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to delivering the finest milk to your doorstep.

    A Journey Rooted in Excellence

    Her journey into the world of dairy excellence began with a simple yet profound realization – the purity and quality of milk should never be compromised. With this vision, she embarked on a quest to transform the dairy industry, elevating the standards of what milk could and should be.

    The Single-Origin Revelation

    Her revolutionary idea was to introduce the concept of "single-origin" milk. Unlike traditional milk, where multiple sources are blended, single-origin milk is produced at a single farm, ensuring a level of consistency and quality that is unparalleled. This concept was a game-changer, and Pride of Cows became the torchbearer of this innovation.

    A Commitment to Purity

    Under her stewardship, Pride of Cows redefined the standards of purity and freshness.  Her dedication to quality and authenticity is reflected in every drop of milk that bears the Pride of Cows name. The cows are pampered, the environment is pristine, and the milk is untouched by human hands until it reaches your doorstep. Beyond Milk: A Culture of Excellence Her vision extends beyond just delivering exceptional milk. She has cultivated a culture of excellence within the organization, where every member of the Pride of Cows family shares her commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

    A Vision for the Future

    With a relentless pursuit of perfection, Akshali continues to lead the way in the dairy industry. Her innovative spirit knows no bounds, and she is constantly exploring new avenues to ensure that Pride of Cows remains synonymous with purity and perfection.

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