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    Welcome to the Pride of Cows Family.

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    Explore our Farm
    A Pristine paradise

    Welcome to our picturesque farm, where nature's beauty meets sustainable dairy farming practices. Join us on a virtual tour to discover the heart and soul of our farm. Here, we not only nurture cows/herd but have a deep connection to the land, livestock, and the community. Our website provides a sneak peek into the various aspects of our farm, from lush fields to cozy barns and everything in between.

    What to Expect on the Tour

      The Fields

         Step into our bountiful fields, where our crops thrive under      the nurturing embrace of the sun and rain. Discover the      different cultivation techniques we employ, from modern      methods to precision agriculture.

      Pedigree Perfect Cows

         Meet our beloved pedigree perfect cows and learn about the      life at farm.

      Sustainable Practices

         Explore our commitment to sustainability. Discover how we      minimize our ecological footprint through water      conservation, organic farming, composting, and renewable      energy sources.

      Community Engagement

         Find out how we engage with the community through       educational programs, farm tours, and volunteer       opportunities.

      Greenhouses and Gardens

         Delve into our greenhouses and gardens, where we cultivate a     wide range of herbs, flowers, and specialty crops. Gain     insights into our year-round growing practices and witness     the vibrant colors and fragrant blooms that grace our     landscape.

    View from the farm
    Delighted to Host You

    NOTE: All tours are currently on hold due to covid-19. We will update the website once the tours resume.

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