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    a. How can I place an order of your dairy products?

        Login to our Mobile App or place an order via our website.


     b. What payment methods do you accept?

         We accept PayPal and all major debit and credit cards.


     c. Can I modify or cancel my order after it has been placed?

         Any amendments or cancellations to orders must be made within twenty-four hours of placing the order.           Please email


     d. How long does it take for orders to be delivered?

        The milk order will reach you within 24 hours of milking. 


     e. Is there a minimum order requirement?

         No, there is no minimum order requirement.

    Refer & Earn

    a. How to get benefit of refer and earn programme?

        To receive a reward, a referee must add at least Rs.2000 to their wallet or make a minimum purchase of Rs.2000 only.

    b. What is the reward?

        A referrer will get three lit milk free and a referee will get one lit milk free.

    c. Who should be the referee?

        A referee ( a Friend whom referrer is inviting) should not be Pride of Cows existing consumer.

    e. How to use this offer?

        When registering, referre must utilise a referral code. Both the referrer and the referee cannot avail the     offer if the referee logs in without entering the referral code.

    f. What is the definition of referrer and referee?

        A Referrer can be existing or non-existing consumer of pride of cows. A referee should be non-existing             consumer.

    Milk Subscription

     a. What benefits do I get by subscribing to your dairy products?

         You're first to get access to discounts, offers, and other benefits.

     b. How do I set up a subscription?

         Log in to our mobile app or subscribe via our website.

     c. Can I modify or cancel my subscription?

         Please email

     d. Is there a minimum subscription period?

         There is no minimum subscription period.

    The Pride of Cows Milk

    What is so special about Pride of Cow Milk?

    Pride of Cows provides 100% Single Origin milk from Bhagyalaxmi Dairy farm in Manchar. Utilizing an automated system, the milk remains untouched by humans and is delivered within 24 hours of milking, even over long distances of up to 1000 miles.


    What is the composition of the milk?

    Pride of Cows offers unadulterated, clean, and low-bacterial count milk with stringent control and constant chilling at 4°C. It provides a protein-rich, distinct-flavored, full-bodied milk that is creamier than regular milk, requiring no boiling.


    What do you mean by organic milk?

    Cows are fed fresh organic fodder and silage directly from the farm, resulting in 100% additives and preservatives-free milk.


    How is it different from other milk which is available in the market?

    No middlemen. Direct Farm-to-Home automated milking and delivery retaining the 4°C throughout for a rich, creamier, unadulterated, untouched by human hands premium milk.


    The concept is from Farm to Home. How will you transport the milk?

    Our cold storage vehicle ensures consistent milk quality. GPS monitoring and tracking keep a check en route from the company depot to your local area. It is then manually delivered in a cold insulated delivery bag. 


    How will you maintain an optimal temperature during transportation?

    Automation ensures tamperproof packaging. It is then transported in a cold storage vehicle that maintains the 4°C temperature throughout.


    At what temperature is the milk preserved?

    Milk is preserved at the optimal temperature of 4°C, which allows a low bacterial count, increases shelf life, and maintains excellent quality.


    “This milk is antibiotic free.” Please explain.

    We prioritize cow health with regular vaccines that remove the need for antibiotics. Cows, when sick, rely on homeopathy and naturopathy treatments.


    What kind of fodder do these cows eat?

    They are fed nutritionist-led ‘Total Meal Ration ‘that includes wholesome meals of alfalfa, corn silage, and concentrated feed. Forages are grown under expert guidance and with the support of organic manure.


    We have been told that Pride of Cows milk should be consumed without boiling. How do you ensure its safety?

    Every step in our process cycle ensures no dip in temperature below 4°C and in milk quality, making it safe to consume directly from the bottle.


    What makes Single-Origin Pride of Cows Ghee/Paneer/Curd special?

    Our Single-Origin dairy products have one source, making them retain their original condition in their purest form right up to your doorstep. 


    Where is your Single-Origin Pride of Cows Ghee/Paneer/Curd sourced from?

    Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm, in Manchar is renowned for its lush hills and natural habitat for cows. Well-connected to water and energy sources.


    How is the quality of your Ghee/Paneer/Curd ensured?

    Our rigorous quality checks at all touchpoints in the supply chain ensure your dairy product retains its original state and reaches you in its purest form.


    Is your Ghee/Paneer/Curd organic?

    Our cows graze 8 hours/day and are fed 100% organic food sourced from our farms, wholesome and seasonal nutritionist-led meals. 


    Are there any additives or preservatives in your Ghee/Paneer/Curd?

    Cows are treated with homeopathy and naturopathy, keeping them antibiotic free. This keeps our dairy products in its purest form.


    Is your Single-Origin Ghee/Paneer/Curd suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals?

    In case of allergy to dairy products, kindly consult your doctor before consuming them.


    How can I use POC ghee in my cooking?

    Use it while cooking, baking, or to add flavour to your dishes.


    Can I use POC Paneer in recipes other than Indian cuisine?

    Yes, Pride of Cows Paneer, with its rich texture and delicious flavour, goes with any cuisine.


    How should I store your Ghee/Paneer/Curd?

    Store it in an airtight container for a long shelf life.


    What is the Shelf life of your Single-Origin Ghee/Paneer/Curd?

    The optimal shelf-life for ghee is 9 months, curd 7 days, and paneer 15 days.


    Can I freeze your Single-Origin Paneer?

    Use paneer within seven days of opening the pack.


    Are there any health benefits associated with consuming Single-Origin Ghee/Paneer/Curd?

    There are no middlemen involved. We source and transport it directly from our farms, making it 100% pure, rich, and safe to consume.


    Do you offer any recipe suggestions using your Single Origin Ghee/Paneer/Curd? 

    Enjoy a tasty spread of pure ghee on hot chapatis or delicious dal. 

    Eat crunchy paneer fritters

    Prepare yogurt parfait for your loved ones


    Are your Single-Origin ghee/paneer/curd products suitable for people with dietary restrictions?

    In case of diet restrictions to dairy products, kindly consult your doctor before consuming them.


    Are your Single-Origin products cruelty-free?

    Our cows are cared for with complete mental, physical, and emotional support. A natural habitat welcomes them, making them feel at home and giving you cruelty-free products.


    How is the production of your Single-Origin Ghee/Paneer/Curd environmentally sustainable?

    These products are made only on order. We use recycled water on the farm, solar energy, and biogas digester. 


    Are your Single-Origin Ghee/Paneer/Curd products gluten-free?

    No, our products are not gluten-free.

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    Embrace the Pride

    From Our Pride of cows

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