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    Our Belief–One Source, One Promise

    Our Belief

    Premium Single Origin milk and milk products from our certified Bhagyalaxmi Dairy farm, where our elite consumers trust us for nutrient-rich, 100% unadulterated milk that boosts bone and brain health.

    It meets daily protein needs, provides essential amino acids, strengthens immunity, and comes from happy cows receiving mindful care, balanced nutrition (from automated Total Meal Ration), and natural homeopathic and naturopathy treatments.

    Our commitment to complete cattle care ensures a happy herd and a superior milk experience as part of your daily wholesome diet.

    Our Technology

    Finest international technology for milking process with our 50-point automated rotary milking parlour.

    Automated, state-of-the-art dairy farm ensures low bacterial count, untouched, antibiotic-free milk with high nutritional value at 4 degrees Celsius at all stages of the milking process delivered in Tamper-proof PET bottles (global packaging expert, Serac, France).

    We support farmers with contact farming, organic manures, and training workshops for high-quality green fodder and modern dairy practices.

    Innovation - Pride of Cows, a premium dairy provider under Parag Milk Foods, aimed to break the tradition of middlemen and fulfill the market demand for 100% pure and fresh milk.

    With a decade-long vision, we brought state-of-the-art technology to India, scaling production to deliver authentic, unadulterated, and delicious single-origin milk for you and your family.


    Our Process

    Step 1: Pampering Our Cows

    Complete cow comfort keeps cows relaxed and in good health, which releases good hormones and keep them happy that leads to a good outcome.

    Continuous monitoring of cow health and regular checks on automated systems.

    Expert team allotted to keep cows in good health all the time.

    Cleanliness is our top priority in keeping cows in the best of health.


    Step 2: Milking

    Milking is through automated systems, and untouched human contact with transportation in refrigerated vans till the last leg of delivery @ 4 degree celsius.

    Superior international technology that enables us to reach our end users within 8 to 10 hrs of milking.

    Sustainable packaging that is sleek in design, lightweight, easy to carry, tamperproof, helps to avoid adulteration, maintains 4 degree C temperature, and reduces carbon footprint through recyclable PET bottles.

    All of the above help us to provide Single Origin, fresh, pure milk.

    Farm Full of Pampered Cows

    At quaint Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm, we believe in 'Happy cows give better milk,’ advanced technology, and nutritious products.

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    We Care for our Cows, for You & for Nature

    learn about our sustainable impact


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