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    What We Do

    Partner for a Safer, Clean & Green Earth

    Pride of Cows offers premium dairy products that prioritize health and the environment. Our products promote a positive impact on the environment, combining traditional practices with modern methods.

    We reduce water consumption and use recycled water. 30% of our water usage is sourced from recycled water.

    We control pollutants by checking excess air from boilers for contaminants. We conserve energy through solar power and efficient heat recovery systems. Our CSR activities support farmers, biodiversity, and sustainability while providing premium milk products.

    We prioritize the well-being of our cows and have invested in a large biogas digester that converts waste into electricity and natural gas.

    Working with You to Build, Grow & Nurture a Better Tomorrow

    100% Renewable Energy

    Solar Energy, Solid Waste Digesters: Clean energy, improved air quality

    Single Origin

    Assured clean, hygienic milk products for enhanced health, immunity, and safe consumption

    Recycled Water

    Improved water usage, reduced external sources, and enhanced cow health through continuous water availability.

    Sustainable Packaging

    Easily disposable, can be recycled, and reduces carbon footprint.

    Strengthening Rural Communities

    Empowering local farmers, boosting economic growth, and supporting community, modern dairy practices.

    Staff Well-Being

    Proactive communication, morale boost, celebration of wins, recognition, and rewards, and responsive feedback.

    Doing Well by Doing Good





    Single Origin subscription dairy delivered to your doorstep

    Cow Comfort at our Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farms

    Comprehensive cow care meeting global health standards

    Reduce Carbon Footprint in Dairy Practices

    Environmental commitment: Reduce carbon footprint, control greenhouse emissions, water conservation, and energy-saving practices.

    Superior Distribution Network for Rich Milk

    Regular quality checks, automated milking, and dedicated logistics for superior milk delivery

    International Cow Care & Enriching Experience

    Enriched the existing milking system with an international rotary milking parlor and packaging specialists from France

    Global Best Dairy Practices

    Upgraded dairy farming: recycled water, tamper-proof PET bottles, and automated systems for optimal resource utilization

    Consistent Premium Milk for Happy Consumers

    Overhauling our approach for future-ready Pride of Cows milk products.

    Keep Our Promise

    Global dairy practices: Premium products, superior service.

    Energy Efficient & Protecting the Local Ecosystem

    Natural feed, efficient energy & water utilization for streamlined operations.


    Making Health & Wellness For All.


    3. Social Inclusion - Protect, Preserve and Nurture Human Values


    Pride of Cows supports local communities through food aid, education, and financial assistance. We promote learning new dairy practices for improved well-being. Sanitization efforts uplift living conditions, while cancer camps provide healthcare to over 800 people. Free care is provided to stray livestock in our designated area.


    Proudly improving the lives of dairy farmers and society. Quality milk through automation. Monetary support empowers youth and students. 300+ and growing farmer workshops drive modern dairy farming.

    1. Environmental Stewardship


    Optimizing power consumption: steam turbines, equipment audit, controlled boiler air, energy-efficient refrigeration, and biogas investment for natural energy reliance.


    Higher production efficiency, prioritized employee health and safety, superior production, and service delivery. Canteen fuel from biogas, 15% carbon emission reduction. 35% solar energy usage, organic fertilizer from cow dung slurry, customized manure, and increased fodder shelf-life through silage-making.

    2. Better Family Health. Fitness & Nutrition


    Home-bred premium cows for greater control of the milk quality. Complete cow care at the hands of trained farm staff upskilled at regular intervals through modern training practices. The output of premium milk with high nourishment.


    Automated milking with low bacterial count. Clean and dry cow environment. Higher productivity, improved cow care, and superior dairy farming practices for greater output capacity.

    A Glimpse Of Our Farm

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