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    Pride of Cows: Pioneering Dairy with Innovative Cow Comfort Technology


    Pride of Cows, a distinguished dairy brand, stands at the forefront of the industry with its relentless pursuit of innovation and unwavering commitment to excellence. As a trailblazer in the dairy sector, Pride of Cows has revolutionized the way milk is produced, setting new benchmarks and raising the bar for quality and sustainability. With its unique approach and pioneering Cow Comfort Technology, the brand has successfully redefined the dairy experience, placing the well-being of their Holstein Friesian cows at the core of their operations.

    Driven by a passion for delivering high-quality, pure milk, Pride of Cows has seamlessly integrated advanced practices, cutting-edge technology, and a deep understanding of animal welfare. Their commitment to cow comfort is evident in the meticulous attention given to every aspect of the cows' lives, from providing rubber mats for optimum comfort to employing fans and foggers to combat heat stress. These measures, coupled with a planned wholesome meal and customized nutritional expertise, ensure that the cows thrive and produce milk that is nutritive, wholesome, and naturally superior.


    Cow Comfort Technology: A Paradigm Shift in Dairy

    At Pride of Cows, cow comfort takes precedence, revolutionizing traditional dairy practices. The implementation of Cow Comfort Technology incorporates the following essential components, redefining the dairy experience:

    1. Rubber Mats: Pride of Cows provides cows with comfortable rubber mats to lie on, ensuring a supportive surface that promotes their well-being.

    2. Fans and Foggers: To mitigate heat stress, advanced cooling mechanisms, including fans and foggers, are employed to keep cows cool and comfortable during hot weather conditions.

    3. Grooming Brushes: Regular grooming with brushes enhances the cows' physical health, enabling them to maintain a clean and healthy coat.

    4. Clean and RO Treated Water: Access to clean, reverse osmosis (RO) treated water is vital for the cows' hydration and overall health.

    5. Soothing Music: Calm and soothing music is played to create a serene atmosphere, reducing stress levels and fostering a relaxed environment for the cows.

    6. Insulated Roofs: The cow sheds feature insulated roofs that minimize heat stress, providing a conducive climate for the cows' well-being.


    Wholesome Meals and Nutritional Expertise:

    Pride of Cows ensures optimal nutrition for its cows through meticulously planned wholesome meals. This includes a carefully curated combination of nutrient-rich elements:

    - Alfalfa: An indispensable source of fiber, protein, and minerals, alfalfa contributes to the overall health and well-being of the cows.

    - Corn Silage: As a valuable energy source, corn silage supports the cows' dietary requirements and promotes efficient milk production.

    - Concentrate Feed: Pride of Cows offers a well-balanced concentrate feed comprising ingredients such as soya, maize, guar-korma, and more. These feeds are precisely formulated to provide the essential minerals, vitamins, and energy required by the cows.

    A team of dedicated nutritionists ensures that the cows receive a customized menu tailored to their specific age and stage of lactation. This "Total Meal Ration" approach keeps the cows in optimal health, resulting in milk that is naturally nutritious and of the highest quality.


    Advancing Safe Milk Production:

    Pride of Cows takes immense pride in being the first dairy farm in the country to introduce Homeopathy and Ayurveda in dairy cow care. By embracing these natural remedies, Pride of Cows avoids residues commonly associated with conventional medications. This pioneering step promotes the production of safe milk that meets the highest quality standards.


    Milk Purity through Antibiotic Treated Cows:

    To uphold milk purity, Pride of Cows segregates and milks antibiotic-treated cows separately. This meticulous practice ensures that the milk remains free from antibiotic residues, offering consumers a product of exceptional quality and freshness. Strict adherence to hygiene protocols and minimizing human contact during the milking process guarantees milk that is untouched by human hands.


    Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm: Leading the Path to Dairy Excellence

    Situated in Manchar, the expansive 35-acre Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm stands as a symbol of dairy excellence. Equipped with state-of-the-art international technology for feeding, milking, and processing, this advanced dairy farm sets new benchmarks in the industry. Established in 2005, Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm aims to educate farmers on best practices while maintaining global standards for milk production. They also provide farmers with the highest quality cattle feed, contributing to the overall enhancement of milk quality in the region.



    Pride of Cows, with its pioneering Cow Comfort Technology, is revolutionizing the dairy industry. By prioritizing cow comfort, employing cutting-edge practices, and implementing natural remedies, Pride of Cows consistently delivers high-quality, pure milk. Located in the prestigious Bhagyalaxmi Dairy Farm, they continue to redefine excellence in the dairy sector. With their unwavering commitment to cow welfare, meticulous feeding practices, and dedication to safe milk production, Pride of Cows ensures the provision of naturally superior, nutritious, and wholesome milk.

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