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    Using Pride of Cows Milk 2

    Cold Coffee

    Serves 4


    • 2tsp Coffee powder
    • Ice Cubes
    • ½ Cup of Pride of Cows Milk
    • 2tbsp Whipped Cream
    • Coffee powder to sprinkle


    Prepare :
    Start by adding 2 teaspoon  of coffee powder. You can use instant coffee or any coffee of your choice. 
    Assemble the Ingredients:
    Fill a glass with ice cubes. The amount of ice depends on how cold you want your coffee drink to be.
    Add Pride of Cows Milk:
    Slowly pour in the Pride of Cows Milk into the glass. The milk will add creaminess to the coffee and balance out the strong coffee flavor.
    Stir and Mix:
    Use a long spoon to gently stir and mix the coffee concentrate and milk together. Make sure the flavors are well combined.
    Top with Whipped Cream:
    Carefully spoon or pipe 2 tablespoons of whipped cream on top of the coffee-milk mixture. The whipped cream adds a luscious texture and a touch of sweetness.
    Sprinkle Coffee Powder:
    Sprinkle a pinch of coffee powder on top of the whipped cream for a decorative garnish and an extra pop of coffee aroma.
    Your coffee drink is now ready to be enjoyed! You can serve it with a straw or a long spoon for mixing the whipped cream into the coffee.

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