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    Using Pride of Cows Milk 2

    Kesar Badam Milk

    Serves 9


    15-20 Almonds (Soaked)
    ½ cup of pride of cows milk to blend with almonds.
    1.5 cup pride of cows milk for pan.
    Few strands of saffron
    2tbsp sugar
    Chopped Almonds, Pistachios, Saffron for garnishing


    Soak and Peel Almonds:

    Start by soaking the almonds in water for a few hours or overnight. This will help in easy removal of the almond skins

    Blend Almonds with Milk:

    In a blender, combine the peeled almonds and ½ cup of Pride of Cows milk. Blend until you get a smooth almond paste.
    This almond paste will provide a rich and nutty flavor to the milk

    Warm the Milk:

    In a pan, pour 1.5 cups of Pride of Cows milk and place it over medium heat.
    Add a few strands of saffron to the milk. Saffron will infuse the milk with its aromatic and vibrant color.
    Allow the milk to come to a gentle simmer. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

    Add Almond Paste:

    Once the milk is simmering, add the blended almond paste to the milk. Stir well to ensure the almond paste is fully incorporated.

    Add Sweetness:

    Add 2 tablespoons of sugar to the milk. Adjust the sugar quantity based on your taste preference.
    Allow the milk to simmer for a few more minutes. This will allow the flavors of saffron, almond paste, and sugar to meld together.
    Check the consistency of the milk. If it's too thick, you can add a bit more milk to achieve the desired thickness.


    Pour the warm and flavorful Kesar Badam Milk into serving cups or glasses.
    Garnish the milk with chopped almonds, pistachios, and a few saffron strands. The garnishes add visual appeal and a delightful crunch.

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